Alright, so I’m not sure if pleas for help count as a blog post, but here I am pleading.

So I plugged in the FireWire drive, turned it on, connected it to the computer and to the camera (also plugged in and on).  I know it was correct because at one point I could see images of the desk via the camcorder in the Log and Capture window.  Now…nothing.

Here’s how I set it up (I also tried HDV-1080i60FireWireBasic, but that didn’t work either):

Warning window 1

When I click “Setup” it goes apeshit and says this:

Warning window 2

Then when I start cursing like a sailor and give up by pressing “Continue,” this pops up in the Log and Capture area:

Warning window 3

Any assistance would be appreciated and may even be rewarded with a cookie.  I’m also pretty sure all my recording settings were correct.  I double checked with the sheet Roger gave us and everything looked OK.  I’m free to meet with someone tomorrow afternoon if someone is available and free to help.


PS:  This is me (a frustrated me).
Me, Myself, and I (And another one of me)