Short notice, I know

The Power Up Campaign kicks off nationwide on Saturday, March 28, 2009. Our country faces daunting challenges and needs your help. Millions of Americans are losing their jobs and their homes. The country has relied on foreign oil and has an addiction to dirty and unsustainable energy.
There’s a clear path forward to solve many of these problems: President Obama’s plan to create millions of new green jobs and make a massive switch to a New Energy Economy. But the big oil and coal lobbies will fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo.
Working on a grassroots level, will support President Obama’s plan and pressure members of Congress to support this initiative.

Where: Creal Springs, IL 62922

Directions: From Marion, IL
Route 13 east to 166. 166 south to Sugar Springs Rd. Sugar Springs Rd is outside the city of Creal Springs. Turn right on Sugar Springs Rd and go down to the red garbage cans and turn left up to the house.

When: Sunday, Mar. 29, 2009, at 3:00 PM

What: Come meet other MoveOn members in Creal Springs as we kick off Power Up America, our big new campaign for green jobs and clean energy.



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