Alright, so I’m not sure if pleas for help count as a blog post, but here I am pleading.

So I plugged in the FireWire drive, turned it on, connected it to the computer and to the camera (also plugged in and on).  I know it was correct because at one point I could see images of the desk via the camcorder in the Log and Capture window.  Now…nothing.

Here’s how I set it up (I also tried HDV-1080i60FireWireBasic, but that didn’t work either):

Warning window 1

When I click “Setup” it goes apeshit and says this:

Warning window 2

Then when I start cursing like a sailor and give up by pressing “Continue,” this pops up in the Log and Capture area:

Warning window 3

Any assistance would be appreciated and may even be rewarded with a cookie.  I’m also pretty sure all my recording settings were correct.  I double checked with the sheet Roger gave us and everything looked OK.  I’m free to meet with someone tomorrow afternoon if someone is available and free to help.


PS:  This is me (a frustrated me).
Me, Myself, and I (And another one of me)



  1. Hi Jamie,
    Sorry you are pulling your hair out. When you plug in the Canon HV20 to the computer via firewire you also have to put the camera into the PLAY mode not the CAMERA (record) mode. Also start the tape and then put it into PAUSE. When you open the log and capture window it should see the camera and allow you to CAPTURE NOW your clips.

  2. I had this same issue as well and wasn’t able to capture my final tape! I tried on several different computers too! Thanks for the help.
    -James D

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