Freecycle-The beautiful red-headed stepchild of Recycle


So there’s this thing that people do in various cities around the country, and it’s called Freecycle.  Carbondale does it.  You join the group on Yahoo then you post things you want to give away, are looking to receive, saw on a corner and thought someone might want, etc.  Basically it’s a way to keep gently-used things out of the landfills (it kind of goes with that saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”).  I’m a member and I’ve used it to get a microwave and obtain and give away moving boxes.  Did I mention it’s FREE?  You can’t beat it.  There are rules, of course, but they’re pretty easy to follow.

I thought if someone is doing a story on recycling, this could be a part of it.


Here’s a snapshot of how the posts look:
Freecycle posts



Alright, so I’m not sure if pleas for help count as a blog post, but here I am pleading.

So I plugged in the FireWire drive, turned it on, connected it to the computer and to the camera (also plugged in and on).  I know it was correct because at one point I could see images of the desk via the camcorder in the Log and Capture window.  Now…nothing.

Here’s how I set it up (I also tried HDV-1080i60FireWireBasic, but that didn’t work either):

Warning window 1

When I click “Setup” it goes apeshit and says this:

Warning window 2

Then when I start cursing like a sailor and give up by pressing “Continue,” this pops up in the Log and Capture area:

Warning window 3

Any assistance would be appreciated and may even be rewarded with a cookie.  I’m also pretty sure all my recording settings were correct.  I double checked with the sheet Roger gave us and everything looked OK.  I’m free to meet with someone tomorrow afternoon if someone is available and free to help.


PS:  This is me (a frustrated me).
Me, Myself, and I (And another one of me)

Some information on General Dynamics in Carterville

Always good for your personal environmental paranoia to look at the amount of pollutants being emitted just a few miles from your home. The website offers a map and other stats here.  The sad part is that they aren’t even in the top ten in the county according to the website.

For my fellow classmates and neighbors in Jackson County, you can find your information here.  Guess who is number one? SIU-C … More than the Ameren Grand Tower power plant.


The environment and the new administration

Obama plans to use congress as a tool to help the environment and to create clean jobs. The story can be found here.  Devin

National Geographic Website

The NG website is a model that I think many newspapers (and other media websites) should follow. They have a great print product, but then also have a website that actually complements their cash cow. Photos are played well, though I don’t see any verticles on the main page.

Roger and I looked at some newspaper websites today with much verbal snark between us. After 10 plus years, they still don’t get it.

On the environmental tip, check out this story on the Alberta Canada oil/tar sands and prepared to get depressed or motivated.



This arctilce from MSNBC is about Brazil highway 163 which cuts through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest, and many may think could be the death of the Amazon.  163 is awaiting paving which many think will lead to further commercial logging, industry, and population growth which could make an even larger impact on the fragile rainforest system.

Steve V.


Discovery Channel Global Warming Signs Videos

This site has a handful of videos regarding signs that global warming is happening rapidly.  The videos were good, and it seemed interesting.  The videos range from signs of polar bears, to the Great Barrier Reef, The Amazon, melting glaciers, and one about carbon footprints.

Steve V.