The Failing Chesapeake


I found this work on washpost about the Chesapeake Bay’s changing state and its effects on the surrounding communities. I thought it was interesting to read about and made good use of various forms of visuals.

Link here:

-Thomas B


Society of Environmental Journalists (story ideas)


by Roger Hart

Here is a link to the Society of Environmental Journalists website that has a weekly Story Tip Sheet on various Environmental Issues News that could become story ideas. I put a permanent link on the Blogroll. Check this out if you are still searching for a story idea for the semester.

Society of Environmental Journalists

Comic book convention

Comic convention

Another video from the Columbia Missourian. This one is better, even though it doesn’t have narration either.  There are a variety of shots–wide, midrange and close–and the reporter interviewed two people with interesting things to say.


Carole King campaigns for Obama (old vid)


It’s a poor quality video, with no narration and only a few cutaways. BUT it features Carole King and I like her. This video comes from the Columbia Missourian, the Missouri School of Journalism ‘s daily newspaper. (Pretty crappy for them, I say.)


Monsanto Seed Story is a Great Suggestion

by Roger Hart

I think Claudette’s story idea about Monsanto’s genetically modified seed and their strong arm business tactics is worthy of coverage. Any takers?

More info


Genetically Modified Seeds

Monsanto has a vested interest in protecting their patents on genetically modified seeds and has been a strong proponent of banning “seed saving,” a traditional technique in which farmers save seeds from one year’s crop to replant the next year. Steve Hixon of Claremont, Ill., is the owner of Steve’s Seed Conditioning, a company that cleans seed for farmers who save seeds so they’ll have an easier time planting them. He’s also active in the fight against Monsanto to preserve this tradition, which has led to a break-in at his business and harassment of his customers. This might be an interesting sidebar (or a whole piece) if anyone is thinking about covering GM crops in southern Illinois.
Some background here and here.

I’m trying to track down a phone number, but the business address is: Steve’s Seed Conditioning, P.O. Box 41, Claremont, Illinois 62421


A editorial/article on Doe Run

I thought this was a poorly written article (more of an editorial) from the Post-Dispatch. It seems glib to me considering the amount of evidence that is out there that lead from mining and smelters are responsible for health problems for residents in Missouri.

Click here for the story.